Penguin George announces Colr™

PLYMOUTH, Devon – 25th June 2013 – Penguin George® today announced Colr™, a new iOS application that makes it easy to extract color information from images on an iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch®, as well as discover new colors for use in websites, designs and print publications. Colr has a stunning user interface that is simple to use, yet effective at displaying key information, such as RGB values, to the user. Colr has dozens of features that makes the app great for web designers, graphic designers, print publishers, photographers and editors. With Colr, getting RGB values, CMYK values, web safe colors, complementary colors and gradients has never been easier.

“Colr makes it easy for creative professionals to get accurate and in-depth color information on their iOS devices,” said John Kurtis, head of iOS development at Penguin George. “When we were adding features, we tried to incorporate as many key data-points as possible, but ensuring they remained relevant to the user; and what we’ve done is exactly that.”

“Before Colr, I spent many hours trying to find out what color was in a certain logo, but now it’s as simple as point and shoot,” said Dan Tucker, director of Product Development.

With our phones now becoming point and shoot cameras and a way for creative professionals to carry out their work, it was surprising that there was no way of getting comprehensive color information without going in to a web browser. Now in Colr, users no longer need to do this. Instead, color information is presented clearly and structured in order to provide users with the most crucial data first.

Colr makes getting hex codes for complementary colors, triadic colors, tetradic colors, analogous colors, gradients, color variations and color blindness variants, easy. In addition, Colr gives web developers an easy way to copy CSS codes for font, background and border colors, and, graphic designers can take advantage of the easy access to RGB percent and decimal values, as well as the hex-code for a color.

Additional features of Colr include:

  • Discover new colors with the Color Discover tool, as well as extract colors from an existing image on the device.
  • See RGB, CMYK, CIE-LAB, Binary, web safe, CIE-LUV, CIE-LCH, Hunter-Lab, HSL and HSV values for a color.
  • Share a link to the current color’s web page via Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, e-mail or iMessage.
  • View complementary colors, split complementary colors, triadic colors, tetradic colors, analogous colors, color blindness variations (monochromacy, dichromacy, trichromacy), monochromatic variations and color gradient variations.
  • Copy CSS codes for font, background and border color.

Colr is a step forward in using and accessing color data on a mobile device, and is destined to become a useful application for many people, professional or not. Colr will be available on the App Store within the next week at a price of 69p (99¢), but further information regarding features can be found on the Penguin George website at

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