Penguin George releases major updates to Online Services

PLYMOUTH, Devon – 22nd January 2013 – Penguin George® today released major updates to some of its key online services, namely URL Melter. The update comes during a 3 month overhaul of all web services offered by the company.

URL Melter allows lengthy URLs, often found on news and video sites, to be shortened, enabling people to easily remember the address. For brands, URL Melter has been a useful tool in online collaboration and has allowed businesses to grow and develop on the web.

We are making these changes to URL Melter so that consumers can carry on melting URLs, but mostly so that businesses can take advantage of the benefits of having a short, catchy URL.

- George Jones, CEO

The changes include a clearer, more appealing web design, as well as the option of premium shortening, whereby businesses can have subdomains and reserved names for a small cost. For example, a brand called IceShoes could reserve the name ‘’ or ‘’.

Further updates to online services include updates to the Tiddly Mailer app, website, as well as new developer and premium APIs for better web integration with our services.

M Eddings


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