Penguin George releases Easel 2 for Windows

PLYMOUTH, Devon – 30th December 2012 – Penguin George® today released Easel 2 for Windows, a complete redesign of the popular Easel software product, introducing new features such as transparency, textured tools, advanced rendering and more, whilst at the same time dramatically simplifying the user interface, and making graphic creation a whole lot more fun. Penguin George today also released a supplementary update to Yookoo Player 5, the company’s easy-to-use, advanced media player, with over 10 new features.¹

Easel 2 introduces customers to an all new way of working. The completely redesigned interface makes it even easier to navigate around the software, and to produce great graphics. Easel’s new design features a more unified look with other Penguin George applications, such as Yookoo and IceDocs. Plus, many functions within the application have been redesigned to revolve around the user’s preferred way of working.

The new rendering functionality, titled pRender™, creates a fluid drawing experience, and allows the user to focus more on creating graphics, rather than worrying about the image quality. pRender renders the digital art in bi-cubic format, meaning that curves and lines are crisp and smooth. Also, image printing is rendered in bi-linear format, ensuring that images take up less space on the disk. pRender adds a huge amount of clarity to opened images², as well as hard copies of the image, meaning that everybody sees the image as it was intended.

Easel also features textured tools, allowing more flexibility over the style and design of graphics created using the software. Textured tools allow a user to select an image from their PC, and use that as the tool’s fill. For example, if a user select an image of a flower as the fill, whenever a stroke was produced on screen, the line’s fill would be that image, rather than a solid colour.

Easel also features ‘Coloring Book’, a feature that allows pre-defined images to be coloured in using any of the tools available to the user. Images are high-quality 2D outlines that can be coloured in. At the moment there are 3 images to choose from³, including a cat, dog and lighthouse.



Easel 2 is available now from the Penguin George website for free, and will be available on CNET® Download from early January, for the same free price. Other third-party sites may make Easel available in due-course.

Easel will be available to all users with Windows XP or later, who have the .NET Framework 4 Client Package installed, and have 256 MB memory or more.

¹ Yookoo 5 contains 10 new features; ² Opened images have to be of a ‘high-quality’ with a pixel density of 72DPI or more; ³ More images are to be added in future updates.

Penguin George develops software for Windows® and iOS®, and produces online services for the consumer and small business market. Yookoo has paved the way for a new generation of media players, IceDocs creates a whole new way to work on your PC and Easel makes art on computers so much easier for children.


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