Penguin George announces IceDocs 2 and future product updates

PLYMOUTH, Devon – 20th October 2012 – Penguin George today announced a new version of IceDocs, IceDocs 2. The new version builds upon the first, incorporating many existing features as well as many new ones.

IceDocs 2 includes new features such as advanced lists, tables, graphics, font highlighting and pages with alignment. IceDocs 2 also includes document merging, print previewing and more advanced writing tools. The original IceDocs included many great features for creating amazing documents, but the new version enhances user experience no-end and raises the bar for other applications of this kind.

Penguin George CEO, George Jones, said:

IceDocs 2 really is a new way to create documents on your computer. Users no longer have to worry about complicated tools and settings. It just works.

IceDocs 2 is free and is available now from the Penguin George website, and from external sites shortly.


Penguin George develops software for Windows, apps for iOS and websites for small to medium sized businesses. Yookoo has paved the way for a new generation of media players, IceDocs creates a whole new way to work on your PC and Easel makes art on computers so much easier for children.



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