Penguin George launches Penguin George Maps

PLYMOUTH, Devon – 16th October 2013 – Penguin George® today announced the launch of Penguin George Maps, a brand new online map service featuring detailed street and terrain data, global searching and super fast loading. Penguin George Maps launches today.

Penguin George Maps features beautiful cartography in an amazing level of detail. View specific streets or areas, or simply get the wider picture. Penguin George Maps also includes terrain data, as well as street data, so there is always a great way of viewing cities, streets, national parks or rural areas.

The zooming features in Penguin George Maps means that there is no limit to the level of detail a user can reach. With 24 zoom levels, it is possible to view street-by-street data, even down to the curvature of a street corner.

Searching in Penguin George Maps is a breath of fresh air in terms of map search technology. Entering a street, point-of-interest, city or region name will bring the user right up close to the part of the world they are looking for. The map loads in just seconds, as Penguin George uses vector-based maps. Vector based maps load significantly quicker than other types of maps, and, allow for a smooth mobile experience, without having to use a native app.

Finally, Penguin George Maps comes in two flavours: Street and Terrain. Terrain view overlays terrain information such as mountains, height and topography detail as well as geographical points-of-interest. Street map is primarily aimed at viewing more built up areas, without the ‘clutter’ of viewing terrain data too. In Penguin George Maps, Street maps is the default option, but can easily be switched using the layer switcher.

Penguin George CEO, George Jones, said -

With Penguin George Maps, we tried to bring the best mapping technologies and features together in to one simple and well designed service. We hope our customers will love the searching functionality, as well as the ability to get a great level of detail from such a beautifully styled map.

Penguin George Maps is part of the Penguin George Network, and, in line with our strategy for the next year, will be getting a native iOS app for the iPhone and iPad, so our mobile users can get a more fluid experience.

Penguin George Maps is available for free at

Penguin George’s ongoing commitment to customer security

PLYMOUTH, Devon – 4th March 2013 – Penguin George® has recently experienced a security breach with one of its systems, but no user data has been compromised.

On Saturday 2nd March 2013, Penguin George discovered that one of its email addresses (not ending in ‘’) had been compromised and had been hijacked to send spam emails to contacts. The account affected has been disabled and the Penguin George security team, and the service provider is currently liaising with us to investigate the issue further. Any user who has received an email from ‘’ is advised to delete the message. Please report any other suspicious emails to

Penguin George CEO George Jones released this statement:

Penguin George’s email systems have recently been affected by an account hijacking, and we are working to investigate the issue. At this time, we believe this to be an isolated issue, and any users who think they are affected are advised to seek the necessary support from the company.

Penguin George is committed to security, and we are fully transparent when it comes to exposing any issues with our security. We take the upmost care with our users’ data, and we aim to keep this level of care for many years to come.

Alice Reed – (Penguin George Security Manager)



Penguin George is a registered trademark of George Jones in the United Kingdom and parts of Europe.  All Rights Reserved. For enquiries, contact

Penguin George releases Yookoo 6

Yookoo 6

PLYMOUTH, Devon – 20th February 2013 – Penguin George® today released Yookoo Player 6 for Windows, yet again updating the company’s most popular product. Yookoo Player is a huge update to the software and completely changes the way a user interacts with the program.

Yookoo 6 brings in a fresh new design built from the ground up to be used for media and radio streaming. A simple menu and toolbar replaces the old outdated interface and makes it much easier to do what you want with the software. Another great feature is the new Media Bar, that allows a user to see key details about their current track, such as progression, duration, album, artist and track name. Also, the new simple controls make it easy to navigate around media, changing volume and creating playlists.

Radio Streaming has also been improved, with now over 80 stations to choose from in the United Kingdom and Europe, including countries such as France and Germany. There is also a variety of genres to stream, such as news radio, top-40, rock and sport. And, if a user can’t find the station they want, they can enter a custom URL to stream from.

The new Library feature in Yookoo 6 makes it easy for a user to see their entire music, video and picture library from within Yookoo Player. The new Library window is easy to navigate around and shows files from all folders within their set media directories on their PC. Yookoo 6 can even create playlists from selected files in the Library view, making it possible to create image slideshows and music playlists for events and parties.

Yookoo 6 also includes parental controls and more customisable settings. For example, a parent can now choose what features of Yookoo Player can be used, and even disable the program between certain hours of the day. Other settings available include the option to choose where Yookoo Player looks for media files to go in the Yookoo Library, and whether or not to check for updates automatically.

Yookoo Player has been Penguin George’s most popular software product, and originally launched in late-2010. The original version of Yookoo Player was extremely basic, and now 3 years later, Yookoo 6 is the most refined and developed version yet, bringing in amazing new features and making it even easier for people to enjoy their content on their computers.

M Eddings – PR Manager –


Penguin George is a registered trademark of George Jones in the United Kingdom and parts of Europe. All Rights Reserved.

Penguin George releases major updates to Online Services

PLYMOUTH, Devon – 22nd January 2013 – Penguin George® today released major updates to some of its key online services, namely URL Melter. The update comes during a 3 month overhaul of all web services offered by the company.

URL Melter allows lengthy URLs, often found on news and video sites, to be shortened, enabling people to easily remember the address. For brands, URL Melter has been a useful tool in online collaboration and has allowed businesses to grow and develop on the web.

We are making these changes to URL Melter so that consumers can carry on melting URLs, but mostly so that businesses can take advantage of the benefits of having a short, catchy URL.

- George Jones, CEO

The changes include a clearer, more appealing web design, as well as the option of premium shortening, whereby businesses can have subdomains and reserved names for a small cost. For example, a brand called IceShoes could reserve the name ‘’ or ‘’.

Further updates to online services include updates to the Tiddly Mailer app, website, as well as new developer and premium APIs for better web integration with our services.

M Eddings


Penguin George is a registered trademark of George Jones in the United Kingdom and parts of Europe. All Rights Reserved.

Penguin George releases Easel 2 for Windows

Easel software product logo

PLYMOUTH, Devon – 30th December 2012 – Penguin George® today released Easel 2 for Windows, a complete redesign of the popular Easel software product, introducing new features such as transparency, textured tools, advanced rendering and more, whilst at the same time dramatically simplifying the user interface, and making graphic creation a whole lot more fun. Penguin George today also released a supplementary update to Yookoo Player 5, the company’s easy-to-use, advanced media player, with over 10 new features.¹

Easel 2 introduces customers to an all new way of working. The completely redesigned interface makes it even easier to navigate around the software, and to produce great graphics. Easel’s new design features a more unified look with other Penguin George applications, such as Yookoo and IceDocs. Plus, many functions within the application have been redesigned to revolve around the user’s preferred way of working.

The new rendering functionality, titled pRender™, creates a fluid drawing experience, and allows the user to focus more on creating graphics, rather than worrying about the image quality. pRender renders the digital art in bi-cubic format, meaning that curves and lines are crisp and smooth. Also, image printing is rendered in bi-linear format, ensuring that images take up less space on the disk. pRender adds a huge amount of clarity to opened images², as well as hard copies of the image, meaning that everybody sees the image as it was intended.

Easel also features textured tools, allowing more flexibility over the style and design of graphics created using the software. Textured tools allow a user to select an image from their PC, and use that as the tool’s fill. For example, if a user select an image of a flower as the fill, whenever a stroke was produced on screen, the line’s fill would be that image, rather than a solid colour.

Easel also features ‘Coloring Book’, a feature that allows pre-defined images to be coloured in using any of the tools available to the user. Images are high-quality 2D outlines that can be coloured in. At the moment there are 3 images to choose from³, including a cat, dog and lighthouse.



Easel 2 is available now from the Penguin George website for free, and will be available on CNET® Download from early January, for the same free price. Other third-party sites may make Easel available in due-course.

Easel will be available to all users with Windows XP or later, who have the .NET Framework 4 Client Package installed, and have 256 MB memory or more.

¹ Yookoo 5 contains 10 new features; ² Opened images have to be of a ‘high-quality’ with a pixel density of 72DPI or more; ³ More images are to be added in future updates.

Penguin George develops software for Windows® and iOS®, and produces online services for the consumer and small business market. Yookoo has paved the way for a new generation of media players, IceDocs creates a whole new way to work on your PC and Easel makes art on computers so much easier for children.


Press Contact: M Eddings (


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Penguin George announces IceDocs 2 and future product updates

PLYMOUTH, Devon – 20th October 2012 – Penguin George today announced a new version of IceDocs, IceDocs 2. The new version builds upon the first, incorporating many existing features as well as many new ones.

IceDocs 2 includes new features such as advanced lists, tables, graphics, font highlighting and pages with alignment. IceDocs 2 also includes document merging, print previewing and more advanced writing tools. The original IceDocs included many great features for creating amazing documents, but the new version enhances user experience no-end and raises the bar for other applications of this kind.

Penguin George CEO, George Jones, said:

IceDocs 2 really is a new way to create documents on your computer. Users no longer have to worry about complicated tools and settings. It just works.

IceDocs 2 is free and is available now from the Penguin George website, and from external sites shortly.


Penguin George develops software for Windows, apps for iOS and websites for small to medium sized businesses. Yookoo has paved the way for a new generation of media players, IceDocs creates a whole new way to work on your PC and Easel makes art on computers so much easier for children.



Press Contact:

M Eddings (

Penguin George closes Nosey Parker site

PLYMOUTH, Devon – 5th October 2012 – Penguin George today closed the Nosey Parker social network to the public.

The move comes after a steady decline is active users, and a rise in spam and irrelevant content. Nosey Parker opened in late 2010 as a small social network that combined the best features of Twitter with the best features of Facebook, including following, friends, ‘prodding’, chat and photo uploads. Unfortunately, the site was never a real hit, and became harder to police as spammers started to join the site.

Penguin George will re-open the site when a strategy has been created for the site, and when it becomes viable once again. In the meantime, users will be unable to login or access their personal data. Penguin George CEO, George Jones, said:

We are sorry to inform our users that we will be closing the Nosey Parker site on the 5th October. This comes at a very difficult time in online business and we will be re-thinking our strategy for the site.

Users will be able to retrieve their data stored on the site, if they wish, by visiting Information will remain secure on the site until 1st November, when it will then be deleted permanently.

If users have any other questions about the closure, they can contact our customer service or enquiries team via email.


Penguin George develops software for Windows, apps for iOS, and websites.


Michael Eddings


Penguin George announces software updates

PLYMOUTH, Devon – 5th September 2012 – Penguin George today announced Yookoo Player 5, the fifth major version of Yookoo Player.

The new version includes dozens of updates, new features and bug fixes. Playlists are now updated so they show the song name, not the path, YouTube video streaming is fixed, and web streaming is much improved. Stream over 25 radio stations and listen live!

Also introduced was iQuest 2.2, an incremental update to the iOS browser; adding link copying, SSL support and link referrals.


Penguin George develops software for Windows, apps for iOS, and websites.


Michael Eddings